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Stainless Steel Bollards

Stainless steel bollards require minimal maintenance. Where stainless steel bollards stand in areas that may be splashed with surface water an occasional wash by hand, with clean warm water containing a mild detergent, may be considered necessary. More stubborn staining can be removed by careful application of Cif liquid cleaning product by soft brush or soft cloth.

Wash down stainless steel bollards with clean warm water.  Always trial a small area before general application over the whole steel bollard product. Care and simple protection during installations will prevent most staining that occurs with stainless steel bollards.

Mild Steel Bollards

Mild steel bollards are Zinc plated and powder coated. Where steel bollard products may stand in areas that may be splashed with surface water, an occasional wash with clean warm water containing a mild detergent by hand will suffice.

Damaged areas of paintwork can be gently rubbed down to blend in the paint layer and form a good key for the application of matching colour specification enamel paint. In cases of severe damage it may be necessary to apply an etch primer.

Steel safety bollards have the advantage of being strong, sturdy and easy to maintain.