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POLYMER Bollards



Polymer Bollards


 Polymer Bollards are manufactured with a high quality engineering grade polyurethane cast around a mild steel core section. Our Performa-cast polymer bollards are ideal for a wide variety of public and private projects.

The polyurethane will be pigmented to create a match to the final 2 pack polyurethane, wet spray application, gloss finish.

Polymer bollards are an ideal, cost effective solution to cast iron and steel.

What is a Polymer Bollard?

  • An engineering grade polyurethane cast over a steel core
  • A bollard with a solid and durable construction
  • Non ferrous, non rusting exterior surface
  • High resistance to Uric acid
  • Non deteriorating to impact damage
  • Polymer fully replicates any existing cast iron design

In short, polymer bollards offer all the benefits of a cast iron bollard combined with the enhanced performance of steel but with greatly superior durability.

The Advantages of Polymer Bollards

Polymer bollards are designed to be stronger than the cast iron equivalent

On high speed vehicular impact, the polymer bollard will fold over rather than break off or shatter. Full ram raid specific polymer bollards are also available.

Polymer bollards are designed to be very low maintenance with very low life time cost.

Polymer bollards are very easy to lift with many designs being less than 25kg.

Polymer bollards are competitively priced when compared like for like with cast iron bollards.

Polymer bollards have little residual value and do not attract thieves.

All of these benefits are why polymer bollards are now the preferred solution to cast iron bollards.

Do Polymer Bollards Have an Advantage Over Steel Bollards?

  • Polymer bollards are more resilient to impact damage.
  • Surface damage does not cause rust.
  • Polymer bollards continue to look good throughout their lifespan.
  • Polymer bollards are designed to be very low maintenance with very low life time cost.
  • Polymer bollards offer greater design flexibility and manufacturing uniformity.
  • Polymer bollards are now the preferred solution over stainless steel bollards .

Why Choose Polymer Bollards For Your Project?

Polymer Bollards Case Study

In common with every other council across the UK, Leicester City Council is continuously striving to get ‘best value’ on their purchases.

One area where Townscape has been able to help most recently is in the supply of a cost effective bollard solution. For many years the Council have stocked and installed a unique design cast iron bollard. The polymer bollards are installed extensively throughout the City.

The case study review identified a number of issues which required an innovative solution. The cast iron bollard is extremely heavy, 68Kg to be precise and the manual handling implications for the installation team were considerable. Townscape’s solution was to manufacture an exact copy of the Leicester bollard in their lightweight, durable polymer compound.

The new polymer bollard weighed only 22Kg and therefore after proper training was a safe lift for one person. The City’s image is very important to the Council and to maintain the high standards they strive for, the cast iron bollards needed to be re-painted at least once in the first 5 years – sometimes every couple of years in the most ‘exposed’ locations.

This has now become prohibitive in terms of time and money.

The benefit of Townscape’s polymer bollards is that they are effectively maintenance free during the initial 10 year period. Even then the application of a coat of paint is for cosmetic reasons.

Polymer Bollards a Real Advantage

The polymer bollards are not quite but almost ‘fit and forget’. Because the polymer bollards are used in a lot of different situations, from simple pedestrian segregation to highways applications, the Townscape polymer bollard was also available as a full Ram Raid bollard. This was accomplished by the use of their multi core design.

Importantly these polymer bollards are identical in terms of external appearance. To ensure service levels are consistent and timely Townscape holds a quantity of the bollards in stock for next day delivery.

The unique features and benefits of the Townscape Polymer Bollard range are now supplied to an increasing list of prestigious customers and in a range of high profile locations.

The benefits of other polymer based products including cycle racks, table tops and seats are also recognised by our customers.

Client: Leicester City Council – City Highways

Polymer bollards proved the ideal choice for Leicester City Council and are now the preferred solution over steel bollards.