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Jimmy Bollard's Blog

    The accident that saw Jimmy become king of bollards

    The accident that saw Jimmy become king of bollards

    By Alastair Fallon | Posted Wednesday, August 02, 2017

    Earlier this week in a shock canteen-based revelation, Jimmy Bollard revealed that a painful collision of past and present led to the quietly quirky legend becoming the world’s foremost bollard impresario and our fictional brand figurehead.


    This rapturous tale begins with Jimmy as a football obsessed youth.

    The lad could constantly be found kicking a ball around the streets. He’d make goal posts out of anything going – even back then he tells us with an ironic laugh – my goal post configuration of preference was two perfectly positioned bollards.

    Jimmy trained hard and went from success to success. He got scouted. And ended up donning the shirts of some of our country’s best known football clubs.

    Alas, one day, after returning home from a training session frustrated that he hadn’t been selected for the first team that weekend, he came across what looked like a football.

    Through sheer frustration he kicked the ball, only to find it was a golf ball bollard.

    Unfortunately for Jimmy, he broke his ankle and four of his toes.

    While demonstrating the extreme strength of the concrete bollards that are available here at Bollards HQ – it brought a swift end to the footballing career of our Jimmy.

    Even today he tells us he is haunted by the calls of a fan that witnessed the incident: “It’s not a football Jimmy – it’s a bollard!”

    Now aware of this woeful tale, the rest of the team at BHQ feels guilty.

    Naturally, it is our company wide striving to create the very best, most reliable bollards – but in this case one of our products brought about the career demise of our illustrious brother.

    But then – it also brought him our doors. Oh we’re confused!

    Dusting down his football boots, and setting his sights on the very first thing that sprang to mind – in this case an obvious choice – Jimmy set his legendary talent to the task of soaring the heady heights of industry prowess in the world of bollards.

    To this day, and with some surprise, Jimmy is an avid and knowledgeable product expert which is a genuine testament to his character.

    I spoke to Jimmy earlier this week and he said: “Our golf ball bollard is a below ground fix model that is finished in natural round exposed aggregate. I’m perhaps more impressed than anybody alive by the robustness and innate ability of the product to resist heavy impact.”

    His knowledge doesn’t end there. Jimmy has championed change among bollard manufacturers.

    He is very excited about improvements in technology that have led to the creation of solar bollards. Our range of attractive Intelli Solaris models are available in wood, aluminium and Manchester designs.

    They promise to provide valuable lighting in parks and other dimly lit public areas with free energy over a long lifetime.

    “It’s one of the biggest developments to hit our industry,” says Jimmy, striking an impressive tone. “Imagine a product that increases public safety by minimising the chances of collisions, trips and falls while also offering traffic management capability and looking good – I’m telling you – solar is the future!”

    Every product we offer for sale is manufactured in the UK to market leading standards from the very best raw materials.

    For any help with orders or queries about any of our concrete or solar  models, please contact us today on 01623 513 355.


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