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Jimmy Bollard's Blog

    Solar bollards – the products, the technology and the benefits

    Solar bollards – the products, the technology and the benefits

    By Andrew Thornley | Posted Friday, September 14, 2018

    Until recently, bollards were a humble and unassuming part of our streetscape, now however they are a shining beacon of urban progress – all thanks to the incorporation of solar technology.

    Boasting all of the security, traffic management and pedestrian safety credentials offered by traditional bollards – solar models bring a new meaning to the concept of intelligent street furniture

    Cutting-edge technology enables solar bollards to convert natural daylight into energy that can be stored efficiently and utilised when needed.

    Demand for solar bollards is set to soar as authorities and private companies alike, come under increasing budgetary pressures and begin to seek intelligent street furniture that improves safety and sustainability.

    As such, we have pulled together a guide for councils, town planners, contractors, architects and specifiers that promises to shed light on the many benefits delivered by installing solar bollards.

    Suburban safety

    From sleepy rural villages to our leading global cities – every village, town and city in the UK contains poorly lit areas.

    This has a big impact on pedestrian usage, particularly at night time, when lack of lighting makes people wary of entering these areas due to the increased risk of crime. To this end, solar bollards can transform dark urban suburban spaces making them infinitely more used and accessible at night time.

    Thanks to the integration of the latest motion sensor technology, the bollards turn on when pedestrians approach, brightening their path forward and alerting them to any potential dangers.

    The reduction and in many cases mitigation of crime risks could save local authorities huge sums of money when it comes to policing dimly lit areas and investigating crimes committed in such hotspots.

    As well as reducing the chances of crime, the technology improves visibility meaning that the risk of minor accidents is significantly improved.

    Again, this could help councils to reduce legal costs by lowering the risk that they will be sued by citizens and cyclists that trip, fall or injure themselves while in a dimly lit public domain.

    Running costs

    Presently councils the length and breadth of Britain spend vast sums of money on street lighting.

    Much of this cost arises from the fact that street lighting is provided constantly and indiscriminately. In the past there was no way to provide street lighting in line with citizen demand, but that technology now exists.

    Solar bollards represent an effective and cost-efficient way of capturing the free energy provided to us by the sun, storing it up and releasing it back to us precisely when additional lighting is required.

    Given that natural daylight is free to us all and that the energy is used only when required, the only cost of a solar bollard comes at the point of purchase.

    When you consider that the Solaris Solar Bollard range available from BHQ comes with full quality assurance and an extended lifespan – this represents an incredible investment.

    All things considered, solar bollards provide a landmark opportunity to reduce the burden on the public purse by slashing lighting costs.

    A green solution

    A significant amount of the energy consumed through the national grid is created by burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas which pollutes our air and damages the environment.

    Solar energy is perpetual, natural and free to all. Thanks to significant improvements in energy capture and storage – solar technology is helping relieve the burden on our environment.

    Use of highly-engineered and efficient solar technology within bollards provides an effective way to quickly install greener lighting solutions across our villages, towns and cities.

    An added benefit here is that street lighting that aligns with human usage needs, will over the coming years and decades in the UK, significantly reduce light pollution.

    Not only is this beneficial for wildlife populations, it will help us to redress a genuine disconnect that has emerged between the busy human race and the world we live in by giving us a clearer view of the night skies.

    Solar bollard options from BHQ

    Here at BHQ we pride ourselves on offering what we believe is the finest range of solar bollards on the market. To our mind, the models below incorporate the very best energy capture and storage technologies to create truly dependable models that look fantastic.

    • Aluminium Solarisutilising the very latest solar technology, the Aluminium Intelli Solaris bollards are capable of acting as an effective, visible barrier 24-hours-a-day. These bollards comprise two LED lights – one which runs continuously to ensure visibility and one which is active within a 5-metre range by PIR sensors on the body of the bollard. A powder coated finish ensures these bollards are durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.
    • Timber Solarisintegrating our market-leading solar technology, this stylish model is finished in a stylish, contemporary, organic timber. While modern in appearance, the use of a natural material provides real visual contrast with the solar, LED and metallic components to deliver a truly stunning look. This is a top pick for anybody seeking to incorporate solar powered lighting that boasts a stand-out look.
    • Polymer Solarisavailable in any of our standard range colours, our Performa-Cast Polymer solar models can be tailored to fit any conceivable installation environment. Of all of our models this is perhaps the one that is most robust and optimised to withstand the temperamental British weather. The cast polymer makes this bollard able to withstand tough conditions and reduces the chances of vandal damage. Combine all of this with the stellar solar attributes of this model and it is sure to light the way to a cleaner, greener, more energy efficient future.
    • Manchester Solarisit is easy to see why Manchester Bollards have become iconic way beyond the boundaries of Greater Manchester – the model is stylish, understated, exceptionally versatile and offers a signature timeless look. Indeed this was all true to say before incorporating solar wayfinder technology – but now they’ve reached the next level. The Manchester Solar Bollard from BHQ integrates leading-solar technology into the traditional body of the model. Because it comes with below ground fix, it provides greater impact resistance than the rest of our range. If required, the model can be adorned with the signature Manchester bee or reflective strips. This could just be our most versatile solar bollard model.

    Why buy solar bollards from us?

    BHQ is the dedicated bollard division of Townscape Products, which has been a leader in the UK street furniture industry for more than 40 years.

    The company’s time earned reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality bollards is acknowledged across the industry with our products being installed in towns and cities the length and breadth of Britain. What’s more, our buyers consistently tell us that their superior quality is immediately evident.

    When it comes to our range of solar bollards – we think they’re the best on the market. Very simply, the kind of solar technology that normally fits into a bollard simply isn’t powerful enough – but we have mastered it.

    So if you are interested in purchasing solar bollards, you have a dependable partner in us. Simply select the models you need and buy them online and our order system will factor in bulk discounts for you.

    If you’d rather obtain a bespoke quote, speak to us about your project in more detail or require specification advice, please email or give us a quick call on 01623 513 355.


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