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Jimmy Bollard's Blog

    How to choose the right bollard

    How to choose the right bollard

    By Jonathan Goss | Posted Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    As the veritable headquarters of bollards on the internet – we understand a thing or two about helping customers select the right bollard.

    Some customers know what purpose they want their bollard to fulfil. Others know they want to select a bollard manufactured from a certain material. But what about installation or indeed integration with other street furniture items?

    This is the conundrum we can help you to solve by way of a very handy and well considered guide to selecting the right bollard.

    And don’t worry – there’s no rocket science involved here. Better still all of our advice is bullet pointed for your convenience. So scroll at your leisure and get your selection antennae tuned in!

    Here are our BHQ top tips on how to choose the right bollard:


    Not necessarily the primary concern when selecting a bollard – but a great place to start narrowing down the options.

    Generally models are available in a range of raw or engineered materials. These tend to include timber, stainless steel, concrete and polymer. To help you decide let’s explore each in slightly more detail.

    • Concrete bollards – if you’re looking for a sturdy bollard that is suitable for any conceivable purpose in domestic or public settings, concrete bollards might be your answer. Not only are they made from one of the most resistant materials known to man (ideal for the British climate) they are cost effective, incredibly easy to install and provide reliable security. They come in a range of styles and finishes meaning you should be able to find a model that exactly matches your needs. See our full range of concrete bollards.
    • Timber bollards – are ideal for those seeking a bollard with an organic look. While providing a visible, physical barrier, this kind of post is better suited for domestic use or installation in rural surroundings. Our treated hardwood products offer robust performance, are easy to maintain and can be configured for chain linking. See our full range of timber bollards.
    • Stainless steel bollards – are engineered for a sleek modern aesthetic, strength and steadfast weather resistance. Their look makes them ideal for urban regeneration and heavy footfall locations such as train stations. Whether you’re looking for bollards to restrict traffic entering into a pedestrianised zone, or looking to secure building entrances, stainless steel bollards ideally are suited to the task. They are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. See our range of stainless steel bollards.
    • Polymer bollards – designed to blend into the modern streetscape seamlessly, our Performa-Cast™ Polymer finished models can withstand high velocity impacts, strengthened by their steel cores, as well as day to day bumps and scratches. Polymer specification is designed for low maintenance, low lifetime cost and their rust-resilient surface means no more painting. The finished items have a high resistance to corrosive acids and they perform excellently in high saline environments such as coastal areas. See our range of polymer bollards.

    Having taken you through the features and benefits of each material you should hopefully have a better idea about the kind of bollard that will match your need.

    However deciding on a material doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve decided on a bollard. Indeed there may be several materials that will match your requirement and there are many further practical considerations that could ultimately impact your final decision.


    Having considered the kind of material you want it to be made from – the best way to hone in on the model of bollard you would like to buy or specify, is to look at what it will be used for and where it will be installed.

    Do you require a number of bollards to manage parking habits or traffic flows? Are you looking to improve the security around a building or public place? Is a bollard going to be installed at the end of your driveway? Perhaps you are specifying a bollard for a low security, dimly lit area?

    Whatever purpose you want serving in practical use, we have a model that is designed and manufactured to meet the need.

    Common uses of bollards and suitable models:

    • Street use – if you’re looking to procure bollards for an urban regeneration or new build scheme, you really do have the pick of the models. Concrete, stainless steel, polymer models all apply and are ideally suited for UK cities. However you shouldn’t necessarily discount timber which is great for villages and towns. 
    • Public parking – no model  is better for being installed at car parks than polymer bollards. Being made from a highly engineered polyurethane plastic means they will withstand any weather conditions, they are designed to absorb impact and they can be adorned with reflective strips to minimise the chances of collision.
    • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation –bollards with a PAS 68 accreditation are extremely robust and are manufactured to withstand impact up to 80km/h making them an ideal counter terror solution. Anybody charged with protecting a high security building or sensitive location should look for PAS 68 certified bollards for added vehicle defence properties.
    • Domestic use – if you’re keen to improve the security of your property we would recommend our steel telescopic or fold down bollards. Concrete bollards are also a possibility. Our essentials model is just £54 including VAT and is simple to install.
    • Additional street lighting – solar models store the energy of the sun and release it as light that turns on when pedestrians approach at night. Our market leading models are incredibly stylish and they offer councils a real tangible way to reduce costs. See our solar bollards.


    Let’s be honest – bollards aren’t a passion purchase. They’re a necessity that you’d probably rather not spend too much of your budget on. To this end, if saving money upfront is your main deciding factor, we would recommend purchasing concrete bollards.

    If installation cost is a concern, stainless steel bollards tend to be light-weight meaning they can be lifted by just one person, keeping installation costs low.

    Beyond cost and installation, if you are looking for lower lifecycle costs you should consider polymer bollards which are designed for longevity, low maintenance and only require the occasional wash with warm water.

    The design aesthetic

    Do you prefer a heritage look or more modern? Bollards can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, you’d be surprised at the extensive range available.

    The most popular item we sell is the Manchester bollard, which has a heritage design, whilst still looking sleek. Your bollards should complement your landscape and be sympathetic to the surrounding buildings.

    Why choose us for your purchase?

    BHQ is the bollard division of Townscape Products which has been a leader in the street furniture industry for more than 40 years and we pride ourselves on the quality of the bollards we manufacture, supply and install right across the UK.

    If you are looking to buy a bollard or are tasked with procurement for a project, we have an extensive range of more than 80 bollards on our website, and offer a friendly personal service to help you decide.

    For assistance or more information, please call a member of our friendly team on 01623 513 355.


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