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    Car park bollards – an expert guide for specifiers

    Car park bollards – an expert guide for specifiers

    By Jonathan Goss | Posted Wednesday, August 23, 2017

    If you are charged with the management of a car park there are lots of things to consider with regards to making security arrangements – one of which will undoubtedly be the procurement of bollards.

    Deciding which bollards to install may not be your pressing priority. When you place an order it’s safe to say you won’t be making the passion purchase of a lifetime – but it is important to get it right for a number of reasons.

    To make life simpler for anybody charged with procuring bollards or researching car park security, we have pulled together a guide. Here we run through all of the key considerations, in order to help you specify a cost-effective product that will stand the test of time.

    With no further ado – let’s explore why you need them, what you need to consider and which models are best suited to meet these needs.

    Why do car parks need bollards?

    In car parks, the speed, flow and safe movement of vehicles is critical. To this end, bollards can help limit the speed at which cars travel, control where they can access or turn and minimise collisions and encounters between pedestrians and vehicles.

    In addition to basic speed, flow and access considerations however, car parks throw up their own requirements. You may, for example, want to stop cars parking illegally, to block access permanently or cordon off areas for specific time periods. These aims can all be met with bollards.

    Installing parking posts as a visible barrier could actually help you to improve levels of customer satisfaction. Instances of complaints from disgruntled drivers who have crashed into a raised kerb can be reduced, leaving you clear to spend your time making more important management decisions.

    You may also wish to set an installation in place around parking meters to ensure that nobody is able to crash into any expensive infrastructure either absent-mindedly or deliberately.

    Best bollards for car parks

    Polymer – here at BollardsHQ, polymer bollards are a top recommendation for car parks – particularly those that are more exposed and urbanised. Using our PerformaCast™ system, a high-grade polyurethane is cast around a mild steel core section. A wet spray application gives the bollard a gloss finish. PerformaCast™ stands up to the elements as it is non-rusting, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. It is perfect for protecting car parking areas as it is more resilient to impact damage. Furthermore, PerformaCast™ is unattractive to thieves looking for scrap metal and available in a range of contemporary and heritage designs. PerformaCast™ is perfect where installation is managed by one person as they are lightweight and easily manageable. Polymer bollards can be specified with reflective strips making them ideal against every criteria point

    Stainless steel – anybody looking to select bollards for car parks in a modern city centre that require a contemporary look should consider stainless steel bollards.Hollow, tubular or square sections are available in satin finishes, ideal for town or city centre applications and perfect for coastal car parks.

    Timber – for a more northern European feel, consider timber as a bollard material. The timber we supply is from strictly-managed forests, so it is environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing. We can also supply FSC certified timber if specified and timber bollards are very popular in rural and village locations.

    Concrete – if you are looking for a quick, simple way to protect vital infrastructures in your car park but don’t wish to specify PAS 68 models, we think concrete bollards are a quality option. While they may not be suitable for the entire car park, concrete models could be used to protect parking meters and any other vital infrastructure such as public toilets. Other models could then be used to manage traffic. This could be a great way to reduce the cost of your security.

    With a material selected, or an idea of what will meet your procurement needs, you should now be much clearer on what you need to secure your car park.

    However, certain ideas, additions or considerations can also be taken into account to maximise the effectiveness of your purchase.

    Other things to consider when buying car park bollards

    Deciding on a certain material or style of bollard for your car park may not be enough – there are often additions, enhancements or other considerations.

    Very obvious, and one of the quickest simplest tricks up our sleeve, is to adorn bollard models with reflective strips. These provide a tried and tested means of assisting drivers in the evenings or in darker car parks. Likewise incorporating lights can seriously help when it comes to traffic management.

    Branded bollards – an increasing number of council owned car parks have bollards displaying their own or city branding, with many regions actually sourcing bollards designed in their own style. We stock bollards in a wide range of existing town styles. Corporate badges can also be applied, opening up sponsorship and advertising opportunities for your car park security barriers. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs if you require bespoke bollards.

    Consider the lifespan you require and how much maintenance you envisage being able to carry out. Certain models require next to no maintenance at all. Polymer bollards are an ideal example of low maintenance barriers that are ideal for car park usage.

    Some bollard systems allow you to block cars in for extra security against theft and some are built to withstand high-speed impact. Check whether your favoured bollard can be permanently fixed or is removable.

    Take a look at the surrounding buildings and spot materials you like. It’s likely your car park bollards could be similar in design.

    Why choose to work with us?

    BHQ is the dedicated bollard division of Townscape Products, which has been a leader in the UK street furniture industry for more than 40 years.

    Our items can be found in almost every town and city in the UK. What’s more, our buyers consistently tell us that their superior quality is immediately evident.

    So if you need car park bollards, you have a dependable partner in us. Either select the models you need and buy them online or give us a quick call to obtain a bespoke quote 01623 513 355.


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