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Concrete Bollards


Concrete Bollards


The Benefits of Concrete Bollards

One of the great advantages of concrete bollards is that the material requires minimal maintenance.

Where concrete bollards stand in areas that may be splashed with surface water an occasional wash by hand, with clean warm water containing a mild detergent using a stiff brush, may be considered necessary.

Concrete bollards will retain their original colours.

Concrete bollard products with reflective bands should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

It is not unusual when planning your project to want to limit access to certain areas via a solid, but aesthetically pleasing barrier. Concrete bollards can provide effective traffic calming control, separating vehicles from popular walkways, so as to reduce the risk of accidents or congestion between the two.

There are a number of benefits of using concrete bollards depending on the scope of your project, budget and specific objectives in relation to barrier control.

Concrete bollards are clearly durable and robust.

Maintenance of Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollards will not fade over time in the sun, unlike certain painted metal bollards. Concrete bollards also have the added advantage of being cost effective over a long period (see also polymer bollards for cost comparisons).

One consideration–which is both an advantage and possible impediment–is the significant weight of the concrete bollard. Contact us to discuss your specific needs as concrete bollards may or may not be the ideal choice for your project. We can advise.

Concrete bollards are generally immovable, by their nature and function, so installation requires expertise. Explore our  full range of bollards here.