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Bollard uses

Bollards are one of the most widely-used security products in the world. From airports and car parks to high streets and train stations, bollards are a common fixture of external security infrastructure.

By providing cost-effective, versatile and effective solutions, they are well suited to meet numerous different requirements, from protecting property to separating pedestrians from vehicles and managing traffic.

In light of the increased threat of international terrorism, we have also seen bollards increasingly incorporated into hostile vehicle mitigation installations, which protect buildings against the threat of vehicle-borne attacks.

Bollards with a PAS 68 accreditation are extremely robust and are manufactured to withstand impact up to 48km/h.

Due to their strength they have become an important part of security infrastructure and are often combined with counter terror blocks and planters as part of comprehensive counter-terror perimeter security installations for commercial buildings with high footfall.

Choose your bollard

Whether you are looking to invest to help protect pedestrians in areas of heavy traffic, cordon off pedestrian zones in city centres, or to act as part of an effective counter-terror security installation, we can supply the high quality, British-manufactured products you need.

The bollards we offer come in a range of different styles, so you can choose the most suitable solution for your project.

Bollards are used for a number of different traffic management and perimeter security requirements, which are detailed below: 


  • Car park perimeters


Our products are ideal for marking the perimeter of a car park to ensure that the area is properly protected from all directions. In order to cordon off parking zones, bollards can be positioned on the exterior of car parking areas. This accounts for any vehicles driving over the boundaries into roads or pavements and ensures all areas are correctly marked off and guarded.

Within a car park, bollards are often used to surround ticket machines to allow pedestrians to purchase tickets safely. The benefit of using them for car park perimeters rather than barriers or rails is that they allow pedestrians to flow through easily whilst still maintaining a high-level of safety. All of our products are proven in numerous installations to ensure you have the right level of protection.

Car park bollards not only stop vehicle incursion, but can also be used to control the speed of vehicles and control where they can access or turn.

When placed on the perimeter of parking areas they provide a crucial barrier to protect against vehicles crashing into key infrastructure either deliberately or accidentally.


  • Guiding and managing traffic flow


Bollards can be used not only to mark off areas, but also to guide traffic. When positioned in-between lanes or on a pedestrian crossing, they can function as discreet traffic management aids which guide the flow of traffic in the right direction.

Our products can be used to clearly display signage to direct traffic in the right direction, signify entry and exit points and generally help to avoid confusion on roads.

They can also have designs added to ensure that traffic keeps flowing in the right direction. Reflective strips can be added to bollards which makes them perfect for marking off roads, or dual carriageways, even at night. They can be positioned by the side of roads to provide protection to pedestrians whilst traffic flows either side of them. If a vehicle was to veer into the path of a pedestrian, a bollard is a product that is purpose built to prevent any serious harm or damage.


  • Protecting high streets and areas of high footfall


Recent vehicle based attacks around Europe have made perimeter security an absolute necessity, particularly at places with high footfall such as highstreets, shopping centres or stadiums. They are a perfect means of securing an area without visually affecting it. The danger of hostile vehicle mitigation, and any perimeter security measure for that matter, is providing protection that doesn’t intimidate people or create a ‘security state’ atmosphere. The beauty of our products is their subtlety and the undeniable high-quality. They are designed to blend into the surrounding architecture and provide protection without alerting pedestrians that there is any danger.

The benefit of working with us is that we can assess your specific needs and we help you decide what products are best suited to the project you have in mind.


  • Protecting buildings and their entrances


You may not notice them, but bollards often delineate high-profile areas to discreetly protect from vehicle attacks. The chance of ram-raid attacks is neutralised when they are positioned in the right areas.

High-risk buildings such as hospitals, airports and universities which see a large amount of footfall are key areas in which bollards should be utilised to protect the surrounding areas. This allows for free-flowing pedestrian access whilst also providing hostile vehicle defence.

With the help of our advisors, the perfect products can be selected for your project which maximise security but are also the most cost-effective solution. Our advisors can visit the project area which you are looking to improve and working closely with you can decide which products are best suited.

In comparison to our other products, the bollards we offer easily integrate into architectural projects without creating an intimidating feel. They come in a range of materials such as concrete, polymer, timber and stainless steel which means they adapt easily to all designs.


  • Clearly define pedestrian areas 


Our products can be used to distinguish between pedestrian and non-pedestrian areas so that traffic doesn’t interfere with walkways and pavements. Bollards can visually be altered to suit any project and have the option to add reflective strips, badges, stubbing plates and eyebolts which are perfect for pedestrian areas which need more obvious demarcation.

The main use of our products is to provide an open barrier to distinguish pedestrian areas from vehicles. Bollards allow free flow whilst also providing a barrier against vehicles.

For councils, we have branded bollards with distinctive designs, for example many councils use the option within city centres, like the Manchester Bollard which is often emblemised with the distinctive ‘Manchester Bee’.

Our solar bollards are perfect for defining paths in pedestrian urban and leisure areas. They offer rapid, cost effective installation due to avoiding the necessity for fixed wiring. Once installed the solar bollards provide ‘free’ lighting when and where it is required.


For more information on the products we offer, and the role they can play in helping to bolster the security of your latest project, you can request a quote through our online form or call our expert team today on 01623 513355.