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Frequently Asked Questions

When making a purchasing decision about bollards you are likely to have quite a few questions. These are likely to relate to manufacturing, installation, delivery or quality.

As such we have aimed to address any concerns you may have by providing answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

That said, we always enjoy a chat, so if you have any questions relating to a project or potential purchase, please call us on 01623 513 355 or email

Do your bollards come with free delivery?

Yes, all of our bollards come with free delivery to any mainland UK location to ensure you get the bollards you need, when you need them.

I want to place a bulk order, do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you order six or more bollards you will get a 5% discount, order 11 or more however and that doubles to a whopping 10% discount – how’s that for an incentive!

Best of all, the bulk discounts we offer are automatically applied when you use our online order system.

Very often our customers need to place orders featuring a mix of different bollard types in various quantities. If this is the case, please get in touch with us directly and we’ll create a bespoke quote for you and rest assured – it will be highly competitive! For bespoke quotations, please either give us a call on 01623 513 355 or complete the “request a quote form” on our homepage.

How are you affiliated with Townscape Products?

To all intents and purposes we are the online bollard division of Townscape Products.

This affiliation with a leading name in street furniture that has more than 40 years heritage should give you confidence you need when purchasing our products.  

What types of materials are bollards available in?

Concrete, timber, stainless steel and Performa-cast polymer incorporating steel cores.

Can bollards help to manage, limit or prohibit vehicle access?

Yes they can. And in times when terrorists are using vehicles to mount attacks on citizens – the role bollards can play in stopping, managing or prohibiting vehicle access is absolutely critical to boosting public safety.

If blocking vehicle access is the primary reason you are browsing for bollards, PAS 68 should be your sole consideration and we would strongly recommend giving us a call on 01623 513 355 to discuss the scope of your needs.

What is Performa-cast Polymer?

 Very simply Performa-cast polymer is a type of highly engineered industrial grade polymer plastic that is specially designed for resistance to outdoor conditions. Where traditional bollards were painted, this polymer layer plastic coating is maintenance free meaning it saves time and money.

Our Cast Performa-Cast polymer bollards are cast around a mild steel core section. Being strong, lightweight, impact resistant and great value, they have many benefits.

For further information about Performa-cast Polymer bollards, please click here.

Can you produce bollards in bespoke colours?

Yes, we can produce our Performa-cast polymer bollards in pretty much any conceivable colour.

We’ve had many strange and brilliant requests over the years, so rest assured – we can deliver a bollard to match your request.

How long do bollards last?

The lifespan of a high quality bollard should be at least 30 years. Lower quality models, made from poorer materials however will need replacing much sooner.

It all comes down to quality and here at Bollards HQ, we are confident that upon inspection of our products, buyers will visibly recognise their superiority.

Where are Bollards HQ products manufactured?

All of our bollards are designed and manufactured right here in the UK to ensure they are built from the very best materials to the very highest standards.

More specifically, they are produced at the Townscape Products manufacturing facility in Sutton-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, where we have been making bollards for more than 40 years.

Do your bollards withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes. Our bollards are made from many different materials, but the best models for resistance to harsh weather are Performa-cast Polymer, stainless steel and concrete.

Cast around a mild steel core section, the exterior of our Performa-Cast polymer bollards is high quality engineering grade polyurethane that is engineered specifically to be weather resistant and to save time and money by removing the necessity to paint the bollards. The material is our top pick for weather resistance.

Our stainless steel bollard models are also a good choice for weather resistance particularly if grade 316 is specified. They are zinc plated and powder coated to help them repel the elements and retain their shine.

Finally, concrete is a material that changed the built environment due to its versatility and resistance to the elements. Concrete bollards are a more cost effective, weather proof option for city centres.

Special attention should also be made when specifying bollards for coastal areas as sea spray is highly corrosive. In this instance we would recommend Performa-cast Polymer models.

How do I clean and maintain bollards?

The beauty of modern bollards is the very fact that they need very little maintenance. However in order to keep them looking clean and new, we would recommend an occasional wash by hand with clean warm water containing a mild detergent. More stubborn staining can be removed by careful application of Cif liquid cleaning product by soft brush or soft cloth.