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About Bollards

The function of bollards

Bollards are one of the most noticeable and ironically, unnoticed, components of the modern British street scene – but what do they do? What are they for? And why do we need them?

Bollards are used to manage the flow of traffic and prohibit vehicle access. This keeps pedestrians, property and vehicles safe whether bollards are installed in public streets, car parks or on private property.

To understand the need for bollards, we have to go back in time to their origins. Bollards entered popular use in the times of horse and cart. French cannons, captured at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 were set into the ground on street corners in London to stop carts boarding kerbs, becoming damaged and endangering the public.

Today bollards retain that same cannon shape which in engineering terms is exceptionally suited to the job, and that same initial function – to protect the public from danger, to guide the flow of traffic and to prohibit access.

Bollard uses

Bollards can be used in a lot of different installation scenarios with procurement experts in pretty much any field of town planning, construction, infrastructure and regeneration likely to need to source bollards for a project at some point in their career.

Bollards might be needed to:

  • Separate pedestrians from vehicles
  • Manage the flow of traffic
  • Protect property
  • Provide hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM)
  • Provide additional street lighting

With these key aims and needs in mind, there are lots of different uses and settings associated with bollard installation.

Bollard settings and uses:

  • Street bollards
  • Car park bollards
  • Traffic bollards
  • Parking bollards
  • Security bollards
  • Counter terror bollards
  • Solar bollards
  • Ram raid bollards
  • PAS 68 bollards
  • Factory bollards
  • Warehouse bollards
  • Airport bollards

Bollard materials

The primary materials used to make bollards are:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood or timber
  • Performa-Cast™ Polymer (advanced polyurethane composite)
  • High-tech solar bollards

About Bollards HQ

Bollards HQ was set up solely to provide specifiers and procurement folk with the leading range of high quality, long lasting bollards in the UK.

Rolled out by Townscape Products, Bollards HQ has more than 40 years heritage behind it and the products are all proudly manufactured right here in the UK at our Nottinghamshire factory.

Indeed quality is so evident in our bollards, they have been specified and installed in towns and cities throughout the UK because buyers know they will stand the test of time.

Our aim is to provide you with the best bollards at the best prices with the best possible service – so we’re confident that if you order with us – you’ll be a happy customer.

If you have any questions relating to a project or potential purchase, please call us on 01623 513 355 or email